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K Davis is also an accomplished Actor, Producer and Director.

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Ninon de Vere De Rosa welcomes K. Davis The Hitman formally known as Mansone Batez on Vegas Live with Ninon

You can check out his current Mixtape Pressure Vol. 1 on Youtube Wild Out Pt 2 Cali Mexico Rain llll Mixtape coming out January 29th 2021.
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    Fan & Client Quotes


    “I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks.” – William Shakespeare


    Has the most powerful sounding album and most consistent album

    Joe Singer


    Live performance is out of this world. I have to get you to perform at our venue

    Marco Polo Musician

    Hardest working artist since Tupac

    Unbelievable how K davis drops at least 3 albums in a year

    Ramos Hard Working Man

    I love K Davis

    I love his new song and he's sexy

    Dawnna Aspiring Artist

    Happy customer

    I always follow him and his live performances are crazy

    Karolin Producer

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