K Davis the Hitman (formally known as Mansone Batez) Is an American rapper from the Bronx, New York. With a solid fan base in the underground hip-hop community, K Davis is known for his lyrical storytelling and passionate grit infused delivery. Doug E. Fresh, hip-hop pioneer and legend, has served as uncle and mentor, inspiring K Davis throughout his career. Fresh describes his nephew as an “incredible lyrical talent and showman with a style that has evolved but stayed true to the essence hip-hop.”

The newest album released by K Davis the Hitman is titled Pressure. It is a 17 track highly anticipated album mixtape. This album is a high powered high energy underground album with the potential of a main stream feel. The album can be streamed on YouTube and all digital media platforms.

He signed his first record deal, at age 18, with International Bad Boy Records, which soon became Blunted Records. K Davis was further developed, but never released an official album during his contract. He did, however, gain valuable insight into the industry and afforded the opportunity to tour with respected artists such as Prince Markey D, MOP, Grand Daddy IU, and Original Flavor.

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